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#London: There are some things that happen that are unbelievable, horrible but also the unpleasant truth of life. That is what life is all about. No one can possibly have a more terrifying thought than this where no one has ever slept or woken up in one night. But such an incident happened in England. One Woman Wakes Up After 20 Days (Woman Wakes Up After 16 Days And Lost Memory)

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The young woman went to bed one night as usual. But he did not wake up the next morning (viral). Woke up exactly 16 days later. But after waking up, something happened that turned his world upside down. Woman Wakes Up After 16 Days And Lost Memory

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Surprised to hear? But that is exactly what happened to Claire Muffet-Reese, a 43-year-old journalist living in Essex, England. Claire’s husband, Scott, 44, runs a shop fitting company and has two sons. 11-year-old Jack and 9-year-old Max. Life was going on. Clay is known to be infected with a virus called encephalitis.

The happy family with husband and children changed in an instant The happy family with husband and children changed in an instant

Doctors said her son contracted a cold in June last year, which spread to him unknowingly. She slept on time that terrible night, but could not wake up the next morning when her husband tried to wake her up (Viral News). He was rushed to a hospital and doctors said he had encephalitis. He was placed on a ventilator after being transferred from one hospital to another. According to neurologists, her brain swollen due to encephalitis (Woman Wakes Up After 16 Days and Lost Memory). He had little hope of survival, but miraculously he regained consciousness after 18 days.

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But the danger does not end here. After regaining consciousness, Claire was found to have lost 20 years of memory (Viral News) due to encephalitis. He sought out his relatives who had died many years earlier. Claire’s husband tells her all the old stories, which Claire can’t understand. Be shocked. She said she remembers her children. However, he does not remember what his birthday or his first day of school was like and what he liked and did not like. Now, however, Claire is slowly recovering from the grief of losing her memory.

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