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London: Ordering things online is so easy now that even kids are ordering when they are happy sitting at home Especially since the Amazon ‘Alexa’ item has hit the market. Children are now using this thing more than adults They are playing with Alexa Everyone’s eyes are wide open when they hear what a little 3 year old child from England has done recently (Viral News)!

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Jema Hodges, 31, and Chris, 36, in Southampton, England. They have two sons, Eleanor, 6, and Albert, 3 The older boy is a little quieter, but the younger boy is bigger and bigger Albert 8 has made many things in the house his play material She also plays with Amazon Alexa The child enjoys talking to Alexa But in the meanwhile the things that the child has ordered online through Alexa Kids order weird thing from amazon alexa

According to the Daily Star, the child mentions the word ‘Fart’ while playing with Alexa. Then Alexa wants to know if she is talking about ‘Christmas Forts Extension’. The child says yes to this question Bess then deducted Rs 200 from his mother’s account Then the woman received notification of ordering things from Amazon on her mobile Then he can see that 200 rupees has been deducted from the account Anything of that price has been ordered At that time, the woman was surprised when she went to check the order on the website Kids ordered online fart from alexa!

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The woman could not have imagined that such things are sold on Amazon He laughed when he saw the name of the order item After that, the female turned off the feature of ordering things through Alexa Because who knows what his son will do in the future!


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