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Panaji: BJP did not maintain family system in Goa On the eve of the forthcoming Assembly polls (Goa Assembly Election 2022), the Padma Brigade on Thursday released the list of candidates for the post of Utpal Parikkar, son of the late Union Minister and former Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikars Son.

On this day, the list of candidates for 34 out of 40 seats in Goa was published Political tensions erupted after the list of candidates was released from the BJP headquarters in Delhi. There were rumors about Utpal’s name However, there is no place for the son of the country’s former defense minister It is as if in the reign of Dasaratha himself Ram-bad 6 Utpal’s father Manohar has been elected from Panaji Center for 25 years As a result, the son was naturally attracted to his father’s seat He is currently in the sand

The BJP opposition parties did not miss the opportunity He has already been welcomed by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal In a tweet, the Delhi chief minister said the victim of the BJP’s use-and-throw policy was Parikkar’s family. If you want Utpal, you can fight from up NCP and Congress are also raising their hands

According to sources, Utpal has been in talks with the BJP leadership for the last few days Behind which the Panaji center left by the father is 6 Despite being adamant in its position, Utpal’s demand was virtually blown away by Gerua Shibir 7 Utpal নিজে probably guessed that the BJP would not give him a ticket In the words of Devendra Farnabish, there have been repeated comments of neglect in the context of Utpal In his words, Fardanbish’s intention is to curb the popularity of the current Panaji MLA. Manoharputra is angry that his father has won the Panaji seat for the last 25 years.

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The BJP has given tickets to Babush without giving him a ticket After the death of this Babush Manohar, he won the Congress ticket in 2019 Later he joined BJP Excluding Utpal, Utpal did not forget to ask why he is such a loose candidate After the publication of the list of candidates, Devendra Farnabish informed that the issue of distribution of tickets has been decided based on the quality of work. However, in the end Utpal joins any party, that will be the goal of the political circles Manohar-Putra’s change of party just before the polls could be a major blow to the BJP, he said.

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In this small state on the shores of the Arabian Sea, the political equation is changing every moment The ruling BJP is fighting in a single force this time In this case, if Utpal clarifies his position, then it will be clearer

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