Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH): All you need to know about it

Indian handicrafts are popular in the country and across the world for intricate designs, heritage and quality. Indian artisans have been working across generations to preserve the heritage and skill of creating handmade handicrafts that are loved by the global audience.

To harness the export potential, the government established a dedicated export promotion council for the branding and promotion of Indian handicrafts in the global markets. Known as Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), it works with a mandate to promote Indian handicrafts in international markets and support Indian artisans and MSMEs.

Here is all one needs to know about EPCH:

What is the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH)?

EPCH is the export promotion council that has been established as a non-profit organization with a mandate to promote exports of Indian handicrafts in international markets. The Council works with Indian artisans, MSMEs and large export houses to create a conducive ecosystem for the increased export of Indian handicrafts.

The organization provides market intelligence, necessary infrastructure and other incentives to exporters with which they can meet international standards and achieve strong demand for Indian handicrafts in global markets.

What is the role of EPCH in handicraft exports?

EPCH is an important stakeholder in increasing handicraft export from India. Here are the key points about the role played by EPCH in handicraft exports from India:

  • The Council provides market intelligence to Indian handicraft exporters with which they can select the right target market.
  • The Council works closely with its members for technological improvements and information on global quality standards and assists with marketing and product specifications.
  • Responsible for organizing the Indian Handicraft Fair and assisting Indian artisans and exporters to participate in international trade exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
  • The Council works as a common factor working closely with the government and industry where it relays the concerns, ideas and expectations effectively.
  • It works to improve the level of skill and quality in the Indian handicraft industry and makes them export-ready.
  • Generates relevant industry insights and is responsible for preparing reports related to the Indian handicraft industry.

How to apply for EPCH membership?

All the serious players in the Indian handicrafts export industry need to be a member of EPCH. As the council helps create a positive ecosystem for the Indian handicraft industry to increase its footprint in global markets, the EPCH membership assists the exporter at each step. Here are the steps for the EPCH Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) application:

  • Log into DGFT Website with the official username and password. In case someone does not have the login credentials, one can create an account.
  • Click on e-RCMC under Services
  • Click on Apply for e-RCMC
  • Click on Start fresh application or finish up the draft application by clicking Proceed with the existing application.
  • A person will need to select EPCH as the export promotion council under the e-RCMC section and pay the corresponding fee involved in the process.
  • Fill in all the details in the form
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Preview the form and click on sign

What are the documents required for EPCH membership?

An exporter needs to submit documents related to the business for applying for membership in EPCH. Here are the documents required from an exporter for EPCH membership:

  1. Copy of the Import-Export Code (IEC) issued by DGFT (self-attested)
  2. If the company is a manufacturer exporter, a copy of the MSME Udhyam Certificate with details of the handicraft being manufactured.
  3. Bank account details of the business
  4. Copy of the partnership deed/certificate of incorporation
  5. List of partners in the business on the letterhead of the organization
  6. Export House certificate copy
  7. GSTN Number copy
  8. Demand draft as fee in favor of EPCH

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Can EPCH membership be applied offline and online?

Yes. EPCH membership can be applied using offline and online mediums.

When do you need to renew your EPCH membership?

EPCH membership needs to be renewed annually. The annual EPCH membership expires on April 1 each year.

How much time does it take for EPCH to approve the annual membership request?

EPCH usually takes around 30 days to process the application after the documents and application form has been submitted. 

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