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Bangalore: If the words match the sadha and sadhya match and who stops! Many people dream of a beautiful house or an expensive car since childhood. Like everyone else, he dreamed. But the dream and the dream did not come true. This shocking incident took place in Tumkur, Karnataka. Naturally, the whole social media has been buzzing since this incident came to light. The scene of the farmer buying a car has already gone viral on social media (Viral Video).

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It is learned that Kempegowda is a resident of the state of Karnataka. He is a betel farmer by profession. He wanted to buy a four-wheeler. The farmer went to buy a car at Mahindra’s showroom in Tumkur, Karnataka. So far so good. But in a moment the picture changed.

As seen in the video on social media, the salesman in the showroom abused the farmer as soon as he entered the showroom and talked about buying a car. Besides, the salesman also insulted the farmer. At first the farmer was quite shocked by the incident. He even likes a car worth Rs 10 lakh (Viral Video of Karnataka farmer getting Rs 10 lakh to buy car).

It is learned that the salesman of the showroom informed the buyer that the farmer could not buy the car with 10 lakh rupees. Because the salesman of the showroom guessed that the farmer did not have such a large amount of money.

After that the farmer got annoyed with the behavior of the salesman. He told the salesman of the showroom that he has the power to pay 10 lakh rupees. And he wants to buy the car of his choice at a reasonable price. The farmer even raised Rs 10 lakh in just half an hour.

Insulted by the words of the salesman, the farmer decided to take the car with Rs 10 lakh in cash. The salesman informed the farmer that he could not give the car to the farmer now. Because the salesman told the farmer that the method of buying a car is long term.

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Feeling humiliated by this behavior of the amateur, the farmer got into trouble with the salesman. Upon receiving the news of the incident, the local police rushed to handle the heated situation. In the end, the farmer came back from the showroom without buying a car. He even lodged a complaint with the police against the accused salesman of that showroom. However, the accused salesman later apologized to the farmer for the whole incident. It is learned that the entire video of the moment of buying the car of that farmer has spread on social media. It has already gone viral.

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