Father’s exploits done 10 years ago in son’s marriage were exposed, then son did something like this


The matter is of Jagdishpura area. According to police Jagdishpura Pravindra Kumar Singh, Ali Mohammad, a resident of Bodla, has done two marriages, which his family members were not aware of. He has three sons and two daughters from his first wife Mosima, out of which both daughters and son are married.

On the marriage of the son, it was found that the father had married twice. After getting the news of this, the family members were quite shocked and kept silent till the wedding. As soon as the son’s marriage ended, all the family members reached the father’s second wife’s house and beat up there. Four people including the second wife were injured in this fight. Police have registered a case and arrested two people. Note that the case Jagdishpura area. police Jagdishpura Pravindra Kumar Singh according to, Ali Mohammad, a resident of Bodla, has done two marriages, which his family members were not aware of. first wife Mosima has three sons and two daughters, out of which both daughters and son are married. The second son was being married, in which it was found that his father had already done another marriage ten years ago, which was not known to the first wife and children at all. He also had two children by his second wife.

According to the police, relatives and acquaintances had come to the son’s marriage. Some people live in second wife’s residence Jai Nagar had also arrived from People were surprised to see Ali Mohammad. Everyone started talking at the wedding. When the first wife Mosima came to know about this that her husband had married twice and the second Begum Lives in Jai Nagar. On hearing this, the first wife was quite surprised and the children also got to know about it. The husband later told everything to his wife and children. In anger, the family members stormed the second wife’s house and started beating. The family members of the first wife threw stones at the second wife and in this fight Maryam, Satyaprakash, Sampath and Rahul were injured. The second wife, Maryam, later filed a case with the police. Rukhsar and Reshma involved in the assault were arrested.

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