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#NewDelhi: This day is celebrated in India as ‘Vijay Diwas 2021’ for defeating Pakistan on 16 December 1971. Retired Wing Commander Anandamoy Bagchi has shared many unknown stories of that war on the occasion of 50 years of that victory story. Retired Wing Commander Anandmoy Bagchi said he was 23, a young fighter in the Indian Army at the time. Then his first posting was in Pathankot. Anandmoy Bagchi said in this regard, “It still seems to be the case now, everything is floating in front of our eyes. The war is just over. It came back, nothing came back. But our spirits were always very high, so in the end we won that battle. “

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Retired Wing Commander Anandmoy Bagchi described the events of 1971 (Vijay Diwas 2021) as well as various incidents. He said there were constant attacks from Pakistan. His comrades took refuge in the bunker to hide. At times, the attacks were carried out in such a way that they did not even have time to hide. But their morale was always high. Anandamoy Bagchi said, “My job was to repair damaged transmitters and airfields and monitor channel signals between Pakistan and Bangladesh. My main job was also to track communication between Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

Retired Wing Commander Anandmoy Bagchi added, “At that time (Vijay Diwas 2021) a Bangladeshi Army told a Pakistani, ‘We are tired of this war. They are coming to help, but nothing like that happened. We won on December 16. The sky is clear now. There is no fear of another attack. ” Anandamoy Bagchi said that he still remembers the voice and the words – “We have won”.

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Retired Wing Commander Anandmoy Bagchi said that when he was returning to Kolkata by train after the end of the war, he was greeted on the whole train in a way that he has never forgotten. Another commander, Ajoy Kumar, recalled the 1971 war, saying, “We survived by eating tin food and khichuri. We spent days without water and without bathing, but our morale was always high. That is why. We won the 1971 war. “



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