First intoxication, then the woman used to have fun by flushing the pet monkey in the commode, now the court taught such a lesson


London. This world is full of strange people, if it is said like this then it will not be wrong. These days a similar woman from Britain is in the headlines due to her strange behavior. Everyone used to get shocked seeing the way the woman used to torture her pet monkey. Not only this, after torturing the pet monkey, the woman used to make a video of it. The woman has been found guilty of torturing her monkey. It was found in the court that the woman used to torture the monkey for her pleasure, for the sake of pleasure and she felt pleasure after seeing the monkey screaming. A woman from London used to leave the monkey in her commode and then flush it. While doing this, when she used to see the monkey sobbing, she used to get pleasure from inside. Not only this, it has been proved in the court that the woman used to give drugs to the monkey as well.

According to the report, a woman named Vicky, a resident of London, has made 22 different videos of torturing the monkey, in which she is also seen feeding cocaine to the monkey. Vicky, a 38-year-old woman, made more than 22 videos of her feeding monkeys with cocaine pills along with burgers, kebabs and sausages. The court, while sentencing the accused woman, banned her from keeping animals for life and sentenced her to 3 months in jail, along with it, she has also been sentenced to work without pay for one year. When a video was played in the court, it was seen in it that the woman is trying to flush the pet monkey by flushing it in the toilet and the monkey is in agony.

In the video that was played to the woman in the court, she is seen laughing dangerously while flushing the monkey into the commode. Woman Vicky tortures pets, it was revealed when the police raided her house on suspicion of possessing drugs. After the case is proved in the court, the pet has been sent to the sanctuary.



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