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#NewDelhi: ‘Today is Moder’s happiest day’. Today, the best seat of the world assembly is better in Bengal. Behind the scenes of the Rashtriya Bal Puraskar, he can be called Ekratti. Dhritishman Chakraborty has set an example at the age when children give their minds to their lessons.

The name of Bengal has been brightened once again. This child will be written in golden letters in the glorious songs of Bengalis. The five-year-old multilingual musician is from Bengal. The caress of the Prime Minister of the country (PM) is for him.

“Rachis do whatever you want, then forget what you want.”

Dhritishman Chakraborty, the poet who spoke to Shishu Bholanath, is one of them. But he is different. It should not be confused with ten. Again, the enthusiasm of the ten with him. Dhritishman can sing in five different languages. Saraswati lives in her voice.

He was greeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At the age of 5, Dhritishman Chakraborty can sing fluently in five languages. He holds the record for the youngest multilingual singer in India. Congratulations to him on winning the Rashtriya Bal Puraskar and I wish him success. Maintain interest. ” Union Minister Smriti Irani greeted in a tweet.

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The ‘State Child Award’ is given by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. There is a guideline for which children will get this award This award is given to children who are citizens of India. This award is for any new invention, discovery in science, any large scale social work, achievement in education, continuous achievement in sports, success in fields like music, dance, painting or art and culture. Dhritisman’s talent is in his songs. He also got his recognition.

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Bengalis have given many identities of talent. Their names are written in gold letters in history. Satyendranath wrote, “The treasure of knowledge is the diamond in the soil of Bengal. Like on the way to developing another talent. This may be the beginning of a long way!

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