Ginger the Elephant: Walking from a beggar to a wedding party


Mathura: A 60-year-old blind elephant was sent to hospital from a conservation center in Mathura Elephant Conservation and Care Unit officials say the elephant is being treated at a hospital.

In the conservation center, his name was given as ‘Ginger’ That is why he is blind He is suffering from bone disease The lower part of his two legs were injured He is also suffering from malnutrition This was stated by Dr. S. Ilayaraja, Deputy Director, Veterinary Services of the voluntary organization.

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Ginger’s sole of both feet was so badly bruised as to travel long distances on a regular basis that he was in excruciating pain. He cannot carry the weight of his own body He is undergoing treatment at a special hospital for elephants Ilayaraja said there is pain management and laser therapy going on Soul guard therapy will be started to heal foot wounds

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Mud Bed 6 is made in Ginger Enclosure Trying to get relief from the pain of arthritis As a result, Ginger will be able to sleep He will get relief from the problem of pain in various joints and legs of his body The life cycle of an elephant is usually 60 years

Ginger was previously used for begging and wedding ceremonies, government officials said Ginger was rescued by a joint effort of the state port office and a voluntary organization Every effort is being made for his recovery

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