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LBoys and girls are equal, so why is it that boys are ready for marriage at the age of 21 and girls are ready to take the responsibility of marriage only at the age of 18. The body of girls becomes ready to become a mother at the age of 18. So is she mentally ready to become a mother too, can she take up such a big responsibility of the child at the age of 18. Many such questions keep floating. In our minds for you and those girls who get married at the age of 18 years or less. Legally a boy and a girl attain 18 years of age, they can vote, drive a vehicle, get a weapon license, but there was a difference of three years between the two at the age of marriage. Now the government is going to end this difference.

There is happiness on the faces of the girls, or rather, they are breathing a sigh of relief, because they are getting some more time of their own. To add color to your life. To make the slogan of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ and ‘Beti-Beti Equal’ slogan meaningful, the central government is now going to raise the legal age of marriage of girls to 21 years. This proposal has been approved by the cabinet. For this, the government will amend the existing laws. According to the earlier law in the country, the minimum age of marriage for boys is 21 and for girls is 18 years. After the approval of the new proposal, now the government will amend the Child Marriage Prohibition Act, Special Marriage Act and Hindu Marriage Act.

This decision of the central government is being welcomed. The girls are breathing a sigh of relief. However, the contractors of the society like Khap Panchayats have also started opposing it. Talking about girls, they are happy, because they believe that at the age of 18, they may be physically ready for marriage, but mentally they are not ready for it. At the age of 18, she is able to study only till 12. In the middle class or rural areas, it is customary to marry girls early, in such a situation the new law will prove to be a milestone. However, despite the girl’s age of marriage being 18 years, a large number of child marriages take place in the country.

The latest figures from the National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS) show that in West Bengal (41.6 percent), Bihar (40.8 percent) and Tripura (40.1 percent) are the states where the cases of child marriage have been seen more. Most of the 20- to 24-year-old women surveyed were married before the age of 18. The minimum age of marriage for girls should be increased, it is being told by the government as a positive initiative for discrimination against girls and for their development. Social awareness is the most important thing to stop child marriage. Strictness of law can reduce the evil like child marriage but cannot eliminate it from the root.

The difference in the age of boys and girls for marriage reflects the male-dominated mindset, which needed to be changed. Where a boy matures at the age of 21, his studies are completed in 21 years, that is, he is at least a graduate. But, the education of girls does not matter their maturity. Now this difference is ending, due to which there is a smile on the face of the girls, they are welcoming this decision of the government. Because now they will also have time to complete their studies, they will also be able to think for themselves. Merely getting married does not fulfill the purpose of the girl’s life, but she will get some time to think about it, to make her career.

Most of the girls are able to complete their studies only till 12th, due to the girl’s age of marriage being 18 years, parents also wait for the fact that they are 18 years old and get rid of the responsibility by getting married. In cities, the situation is still better, but if we talk about villages, then the talk of gender becomes redundant there. Girls are not thought about, the parents of girls want to get the daughter married at the least. The marriage age of girls is being raised to 21 years, but the change has to come from social consciousness.

Difficulties for girls are less in the same house whose parents support them in allowing them to move forward, those who do not consider their daughters a burden. The government is going to end the age discrimination regarding marriage, which is a big change. This will end a gap of difference between the boy and the girl. By marrying at an early age, girls have to leave their studies incomplete, they can study only till 12, they may be physically ready but mentally they are not capable of taking the responsibility of marriage and child. Gynecologists also believe that this step of the government is very important for the health of women.

The marriage age of girls is being raised to 21 years, it should be welcomed. But, the highest emphasis of the government and society should be towards girls’ education and their better future. One purpose of the life of girls should not be kept as marriage. Be it 18 or 21 marriage, it is necessary that girls complete their studies, they have a better future. Social consciousness is needed to make the slogan of Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao meaningful. And this step of the government will prove to be a milestone.

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