Goa’s election environment was disturbed by Omicron, the new year is not visible


In the last month of the year, people from all over the world come to Goa to have fun and welcome the new year, but Goa, troubled by the effect of Corona for two years, has been thrown into panic by the new variant Omicron. Tourist retreat has started from here even before the arrival of the new year.

In the last month of the year, people from all over the world come to Goa to have fun and welcome the new year, but Goa has been troubled by the effect of Corona for two years.

The new variant has put Omicron in panic. Tourist retreats have started from here even before the arrival of the new year and most of the hotels and clubs are looking empty. The situation is that on the nights of Friday and Saturday, the famous places of Goa, places like Club Cabana and Thalassa, had to beg for entry, now the people of the club themselves are standing on the road and calling the tourists. According to Jual Lobo of Thalassa, due to the news of the new variant, the crowd has suddenly reduced and now we are also giving free entry to the people.

In fact, due to Corona, foreign tourists could not come to Goa this year, it was expected that if the flights start in December, then foreigners will come, but due to the new variant, all the flights have been stopped as well as permission for the charter plane is not being received. So now there is no hope left. Sunburn, which has become the attraction of people in Goa, is also not happening this time. You will not be able to imagine but the beach shops in Goa which used to be open throughout the night are now closing only after 10 o’clock. About forty percent of the shops did not open this time. According to Goa’s Advocate Aniket Desai, Korana has destroyed Goa’s economy. After two years, this time there was some hope but the fear of new variants is coming to an end. Unemployment and poverty are on the rise in Goa. The government should start mining so that people can get money.

What is Goa’s election environment?

Even in such a bad situation, political parties are fighting for elections in February, electoral defection and claims have started. In the poster war, TMC of Kejriwal and Mamta didi is seen at the fore. Everywhere from the airport to the city of Panaji, both have put up hundreds of poster banners. But the real fight is between BJP and Congress. In the first election being held in the absence of former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, BJP is looking for a face, then Congress is betting on its old face Digambar Kamat. People are upset about the government’s failure in Corona, but Congress is unable to cash it. Is. The party has hired P Chidambaram here but the Congress fears that the AAP and the TMC will actually cut into the anti-government votes that the Congress can get.

Electoral issues off the ground

People in Goa are troubled by unemployment, slowdown and lack of development, but the issue here is corruption and mining scam of 35 thousand crores as mentioned in the Shah Commission report ten years ago. TMC has tossed the jumla of 35 thousand crores on the persuasion of Goa Foundation, a Goa based NGO. People are being told that if the government recovers this money, then every house in Goa will get Rs 3 lakh. But let us tell you the reality that this too is like a jumla of fifteen lakh rupees in every account.

In Goa in 2012, BJP surrounded the Congress on the basis of Justice MB Shah’s report. BJP had alleged a scam of Rs 35,000 crore on the basis of the Shah Commission report, but when Manohar Parrikar of BJP himself came to power, he got trapped. Then Parrikar himself said that there was a loss of about 3 thousand crores, not 35 thousand crores. Parrikar also formed a committee of Chartered Accountants to investigate this, which told that in reality this figure is not even 300 crores, it is also a loss of revenue. Its count has not yet been done properly in ten years. But once again an attempt is being made to mislead the public in the elections.

TMC has raised this issue but BJP or Congress is not able to counter it. Congress has given slogan to make Lokayukta in Goa BJP is talking of development. The condition on the ground is that the unemployment rate in Goa is going up to 11 percent and people suffering from Corona do not have money. Obviously the political parties are not able to hold the ground yet. On the other hand, the talk of lockdown has started again. Ashraf, who drives a taxi in Goa, says that this time if the lockdown happens again, we will be ruined.

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