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Ahmedabad. Panchayat elections in Gujarat are over. After the release of the results, where there is an atmosphere of celebration among the winning candidates, the lost candidates are waiting for the next election. in between Dahod District(Dahod Gujarat) A shocking incident has come to light. The matter that has come to the fore in Sahda village here has probably been heard, seen or known by someone. Due to the lack of awareness among the villagers here, the woman candidate had to lose the post of sarpanch. There was a fierce battle between two women candidates for the post of Sarpanch in Sahra village of Dahod. Out of this, the election symbol of a female candidate was the table. It is obvious that the candidate must have instructed all his supporters to stamp the table symbol.

However, instead of stamping the table mark in the ballot paper, the voters of the village put a stamp on the table kept there and put the empty ballot paper in the box itself. 198 such blank ballot papers were canceled during the counting of votes. As a result, the female candidate with the table mark of the sarpanch lost by 31 votes.

What did the winning candidate say?
In Sahda village, 2142 people out of 2655 voters cast their votes. The winning candidate Shakuntalaben Rathod got 575 votes, while the woman candidate with table symbol Kasmaben Ganawa got 544 votes. If voters had cast their ballots correctly, perhaps the woman candidate with the table symbol could have won.

However, on this the winning sarpanch says that it is not that he has won because of the stamp on the table. Last time in the elections, his mark was also on the table and even then he was defeated. In the last election also his 219 votes were canceled. The losing candidates are blaming the table instead of accepting their defeat. In Gujarat, the voting for the Gram Panchayat elections was held on 19 December and the counting of votes took place on 21 December.

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