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New Delhi, Gulfam Ahmed He was a victim of polio since birth. His family felt that he would get proper treatment in the national capital Delhi, so he came here from Bijnor in UP. But who knows about the time. After some time, his family realized that Gulfam would have to live with this problem for the rest of his life. However, a broken part of a gate changed Gulfam’s life. From a broken part of this gate, he was able to see how the school children were playing inside. One day the principal of the school saw him doing this and got him admitted. Not only this, all his fees were also waived off.

This was one of the challenges in Gulfam’s life which he had overcome but there was still a lot left to do. In the year 2008, Gulfam came to know about Para Sports. After this he started preparing for Para Power Lifting Competition. According to the English newspaper Times of India, Gulfam said- My family was against it but I ignored them and went to Nagpur. Here I won the bronze medal. He told that after this the family members became silent.

And when I found the purpose of living
After this he also won some more medals, which gave him a purpose to live. In the year 2013, doctors advised him to undergo surgery to correct his posture. He said that for the first time I was able to walk with the help of crutch and caliper. I will never be able to forget that time. After this Gulfam decided to participate in Mr and Miss Wheelchair. This competition was done in Mumbai.

In the year 2015, Gulfam won this title and then became an inspiration for many Divyangs. He said that after this victory, calls started coming for TV and corporate shows. I also gave speeches as a motivational speaker. I went to college and joined youth. He urged them to never lose hope.

However, Mr and Miss Wheelchair is not being organized since the year 2017 as its organizer Sounak Banerjee passed away. Now a few years later, 30-year-old Gulfam is presenting this program in a new way. He has started the online competition of ‘Most Impressive Face’. Photos of the winners will be shared on the social media pages of Mr and Miss Wheelchair.

In the beginning, it seemed that whether people would come for this competition or not. But within a few days of the start of the competition, 500 people registered their names. The winner will also be announced in the next few weeks. Gulfam said that he wants Divyang to be seen on TV advertising common products.

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