Gulkand at Home: Make Rose Jam ‘Gulkand’ in 3 thousand year old recipe in winter sun, Khan all year round

The word ‘gul’ in Persian means rose ‘Kanda’ means sweet The two words sit together and form ‘Gulkand’ Its main ingredient is Rose Petals It can be made with any rose However, it is better to choose pink petals Available to buy in stores 6 You can also get it online However, if made at home, there is no possibility of adulteration It is most used in summer However, you can use it all year round As there are more roses in winter, make it at this time (making Gulkand at home in winter) Use all year round

The Indo-Persian Gulkanda, which was originally made in the 9th century BC, cannot be made in winter. Because that term was made with ‘Damascus rose’ This Turkish rose blooms only twice a year, in summer and autumn Gulkanda 7 was made in the hot sun of that time Once made, this rose petal jam can be used for many days

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Before making it, know its use Because its taste is quite unknown in Bengali language However, in other states of India, it is very common as ‘cold food’ Gulkanda 6 can be eaten in various ways if there is no problem of diabetes Gulkanda is very popular as a spice in drinks, in milkshakes, in pandas, in cold smoothies, in sweets, in sauces, in cupcakes. If nothing else, even if you drink a glass mixed with water, the body is cool Instead, the taste of the tongue ৷

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Rutuja Dwivekar, a nutritionist, shared the traditional method of making Gulkanda That is, the rose petals must first be placed in a glass jar. After that you have to spread sugar Petals again, sugar again – this is the way to go, until the whole jar is filled Not in one day but 6 You have to save a little bit every day The rule is, you have to get up at dawn and pick roses After that you have to enjoy sugar and rose petals in a closed jar all day You have to pick up the jar after sunset Once a day with rose petals, shake the whole jar and dry in the sun. In this way, you have to make Gulkanda 7 by drying it in the sun for a month When making it, you can replace whole sugar with powdered sugar If desired, add honey, fennel and cardamom powder

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Not just flavorful Gulkanda is used as medicine in the old medical system Gulakanda is effective in improving memory and eyesight, improving digestion, reducing fatigue, removing toxins, keeping blood clean, reducing constipation, and relieving acidity-gas-indigestion problems.


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