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#Jaipur: The wedding of siblings is imminent, so the hustle and bustle at home started in the last month of the year. Wedding Dance Video (Wedding Dance Video). Everything was going according to plan. But in a pre-wedding procession or bindoli, the whole thing turns into an atmosphere of sadness. The picture of the house changes. Marriage is the next thing, no one got cool crying about what will happen.

Shambhu Gurjar, a young man from Karatabas village in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, was supposed to get married on December 7 today. His sisters were to get married on December 11, exactly 4 days later. That’s how last-minute preparations began at Gurjar’s house in December. Cosmetics planning, hospitality planning, etc. were in full swing. In the meantime, according to the rules of marriage, after some religious rituals, a procession or a procession leaves Gurjar’s house at 12:30 pm on Sunday night. Many participated there. The procession was supposed to end by touring the area around the house. The eldest son of the house i.e. Shambhu Babu’s grandfather Narayan Lal Gurjar was having a great time with his friends. While dancing to the beat of the DJ about 300 meters away from the house, he fell unnoticed by everyone. Buss, it’s all over.

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Relatives rushed him to the local medical center, where doctors pronounced him dead. However, the doctors did not say what caused the death of Narayan Lal. It is believed that the real cause of death will be known only after the autopsy. The family did not say anything about this.

His wife and mother could not accept the sudden death of Narayan Lal. Her two children, 4 years and 6 months old, did not understand anything like that at home. The bereaved family members as well as the neighbors. Everyone is shocked to see this situation of the family in his death. Speaking to the family, it was learned that Narayan Lal had been working in a factory in Uja area of ​​Gujarat for the last 10 years. He also looked after the financial side of the family. As a result, everyone is thinking about how so many people will survive in his death.

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Meanwhile, while someone was filming the procession during the procession, it is clear that Narayan Lal fell and died there. Which is currently viral on social media. After seeing this, many people sent their condolences to Narayan Lal’s family.



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