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New Delhi/Lahore. Controversy has arisen in the whole country regarding the Parliament of Religions held in Haridwar, Uttarakhand from 17 to 19 December. In this religious parliament, many saints, including Mahamandaleshwar Yeti Narasimhanand Giri of Juna Akhara, gave many speeches, controversial about Hindutva and targeting minorities. The video of these speeches is going viral on social media and people are criticizing it. These statements of sages and saints are being discussed not only in India but all over the world. Especially the news website of Pakistan has given prominence to the news of the Parliament of Religions.

Geo News has called Dharma Sansad a ‘Hate Speech Conclave’. He wrote in the headline of his news story, ‘Hate Speech Conclave: Hindutva leaders of India call for Muslim genocide from the stage.’ He has further written that many such speeches have been given in this three-day program, in which religious minorities were targeted. In this Parliament of Religions, an appeal was also made to Hindu groups that it is only right to take up arms against minorities. Not only this, Geo News has also given place to the statement of Yeti Narasimhanand Giri in its news. He has written, ‘Without taking up arms, no nation on earth can and will never survive. The only topic of this Parliament of Religions is that in 2029 the Prime Minister of India will be a Muslim. This is not a baseless thinking….According to the way the Muslim population is increasing and the population of Hindus is decreasing, in seven years only Muslims will be seen on the streets.

Accusations of discriminating against Muslims accusing the Government of India
At the same time, another Pakistan news website Dawn wrote that Sadhvi Annapurna, general secretary of the political party Hindu Mahasabha, instigated the people for weapons and massacre in Haridwar Dharma Sansad. Dawn has also given attention to Sadhvi Annapurna’s statement against minorities. Not only this, Pakistani media also accused PM Modi and the BJP government of discriminating against Muslims.

Thanks Jinnah sir…
At the same time, a Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir has tweeted a video. While tweeting this video, he wrote in the caption, ‘This woman is inciting people to violence against Indian Muslims. This is the female version of Hitler, planning a genocide in the times to come.

He further wrote, this woman is proving that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was absolutely right. He made a separate Pakistan for the Muslims. Thank you Jinnah sahib.

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