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#Mumbai: There has been a lot of speculation in Bollywood about Salman Khan’s relationship. He has been in a relationship with many actresses. The name is also associated with many. At one point, Salman got involved with actress Bhagyashree. Suraj Barjatya’s film Maine Pyaar Kiya was released in 1989. The pair of Salman and Bhagyashree caught the eye of the viewers in the film. Especially Bhagyashree’s performance as a shy sweet girl won the hearts of the audience.

However, Bhagyashree did not stay in Bollywood for long. The actress left Rupoli Dunya suddenly. She was married to businessman and producer Himalaya Desani. But still Bhagyashree is remembered for the movie Peer Kiya in Maine. It was during this film that Salman started buzzing with Bhagyashree. And then Bhagyashree was forced to keep his distance from Salman.

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The actress had asked Salman to stay away during the shooting of Dil Diwana. Bhagyashree once said in an interview, “Salman Khan was the first to know about the relationship with the Himalayas during the Dil Diwana song. He used to wander around and hum the song to my ears. After annoying me, he said that he knew about my relationship with the Himalayas. He also asked me to call the Himalayas at the location of the picture.

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Bhagyashree adds, “My husband was very positive. He didn’t like seeing romance with anyone on screen. But my in-laws didn’t have any problem with my acting.” Incidentally, Bhagyashree’s son Abhimanyu Desani has already set foot in Bollywood. In a recent Instagram live chat, Abhimanyu shared various things about the Pierre Kia photo in Maine. Bhagyashree also brought his son in Big Boss 15. At that time too, he became nostalgic with Salman Khan on one stage.

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