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How to prevent cold wave: The Meteorological Department has announced heavy rains in the next few days. cold wave Warning of (cold wave) has been given. The department said that dense fog and cold wave will prevail over most parts of North India for the next three days. There is also a possibility of snowfall in the hilly states. this bad weather Health It also brings a lot of trouble. Especially children and the elderly For this winter is a cause of trouble. people whose immunity Weak, they also need to be very cautious in this season. Many other problems can also arise in these situations.

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cold wave problems

  • Due to cold wave, problems like cold, cold, flu, runny nose, bleeding from nose can increase.
  • There may be tremors in the hands and feet. This means that there is a lack of heat inside the body.
  • Frost bite can also occur due to being in the cold for a long time. This is a very dangerous situation. In this, the fingers of the hand can become numb.

trouble due to fog

  • According to Medical NewsToday, toxic matter and other pollutants are created due to fog. All these things can get accumulated in the lungs. This affects the capacity of the lungs. It can aggravate the earlier disease.
  • For those who have asthma or respiratory diseases, this fog is a cause of even more trouble. Their previous illness may bother them.
  • Eye irritation becomes a common problem due to excessive fog.

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Avoid heavy cold like this

  • As far as possible, don’t go out. If you want to go out, completely cover the body with a warm cloth. Especially completely cover the throat, ears, hands and feet. Do not go out without wearing a mask.
  • In cold and cold, take hot water, lemon tea, black tea etc. Keep in mind that do not use anti-viral medicines in cold and cough.
  • Generally people drink less water in winter, but this is wrong. The body needs water even in winter. So drink enough water.
  • Increase the intake of vitamin C in winter. Vitamin C boosts immunity. If immunity is boosted, then the effect of cold will also be less. For this, take citrus fruits like orange, lemon, seasonal, amla etc.
  • Skin and hair are affected the most in cold wave. Use moisturizer to protect the skin from cold weather. Use cream, lotion or oil for this.
  • Avoid alcohol to avoid cold wave. Alcohol lowers your body temperature.
  • If your hands and feet feel very cold during the cold wave, then instead of rubbing it, keep it in lukewarm water. If the color of the hands or feet has turned black, then contact the doctor immediately.
  • Provide adequate ventilation where you live.

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