Helicopter Crash: Helicopter crash, Madagascar minister reaches shore after 12 hours of swimming!


New Delhi: The minister left in a helicopter with the team for inspection. In the middle of the accident, the passenger helicopter crashed. Serge Gelle, a 56-year-old Secretary of State in Madagascar’s police department, and a police officer survived by using their intelligence and morale. According to some, they got out of the wrecked helicopter, swam for about 12 hours and reached the shore in different ways.

According to police and port sources, the accident took place near the northeast coast of Madagascar last Monday. However, the cause of the crash is not yet clear. Rescue work is underway. As of Tuesday, 39 passengers had died in the crash. The bodies of 18 more passengers were recovered on Tuesday.

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According to media sources, a team set out on Monday morning to inspect the wreckage of a ship off the northeast coast. Secretary of State Serge Gailo of the country’s police department was also in that group. But the passenger helicopter crashed in the middle of the road. After that the search for the passengers started. One by one the bodies of the passengers were recovered. Everyone gave up hope. But on Tuesday morning, Serge went and another police officer arrived separately in the seaside suburb of Mahambo. It is known that they reached the shore only after swimming for about 12 hours.

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A video has already spread on social media. It turned out that Serge, a 56-year-old minister, was lying in a deck chair in a state of shock. Even then he wore that camouflage uniform. “The time of my death has not yet come,” he said. Not only that, he also said, “I feel cold, but I’m not hurt.”

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The police chief told the media that Serge used a seat in the wrecked helicopter to stay afloat. Regarding the minister, he further said that he has always been a great surgeon in sports. His morale, endurance is incomparable. And even as a minister, he has been able to keep that rhythm. Just like a 30-year-old man! One thing must be said that his nerves are so strong, as if made of iron!



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