Hindi Blogging Tips – Top 10 Tips for Hindi Bloggers

 Are you want to be a Hindi blogger? Or are you thinking to start a Hindi blog? If yes, this post is only for you because in this post I will share latest Hindi blogging tips with you.
Hindi Blogging Tips
Hindi Blogging Tips

Hindi Blogging Tips for Hindi Bloggers

If you are thinking that blogging is an easy task then let me tell you that it is not. You have to do hard work to make your blog popular and it takes time. So, you need patience.

However, let’s start our discussion about Hindi blogging tips.

1. Start Your Hindi Blogging Journey with Blogger Platform

Are you a native Hindi speaker? If yes, then you can start your blogging journey right now by using Blogger platform. Blogger is owned by Google Inc. Otherwise, if you want to start with WordPress (self-hosted), you have to pay huge hosting charges but listen to me why you will pay when you are getting absolutely free blogging platform from Google Inc. 

Also, you can change your platform at any time. All you have to do is buy a custom domain name from cheap domain name providers like Godaddy, Bigrock, and Namecheap and connect it with your Blogger blog.

Don’t know how to connect domain name with your blog? You can search YouTube for online tutorials or search it on Google. You will get hundreds of detailed explanations. It is not as hard as you are thinking now. It’s easy and takes only 5-10 minutes to set up completely.

2. Don’t Do Copy and Paste

Many beginner bloggers make mistake by doing copy and paste. Even when I was a beginner I also did the same mistake and now I’m thinking what a big mistake I ever did. 

It also hurt your search engine rankings and your online reputation. So, don’t make a blunder. Try to write from your heart. Obviously, it will take the time to improve your writing.

3. Make Your Blog Attractive

Don’t build a Hindi blog which is looking as it is created on 1990. Ha ha! No. I’m telling you seriously then nobody will visit your website. The inbuilt blogger templates are also boring. That’s why I have written several articles about it

4. Start Building An Email and Push Notification List From Day 1

You’re doing a great mistake if you are not building an email list. The email list is your hidden money maker. Email Marketing is the simple and probably the best way to connect with your readers.

Remember the line that I told you in my previous post – 

“When I was a beginner Blogger I didn’t take Email Marketing seriously. But, now I’m thinking what a great mistake I ever did.”

Here is the another line from my recent blog post

“Email Marketing can help you get traffic, leads, and eventually big commissions from your Affiliate networks. Really! It’s not a joke. So, grow your subscribers to reach your goal.”

That’s why I’m forcing you to start building an email list from the day 1. To create your email list you can use amazing tools like MailChimp (suitable for beginners), Aweber, Constant Contact etc.

5. Sign up on Google Search Console

If you are thinking to buy a custom domain then reserve it now. You can use keywords in your custom domain name if available. It will help your Hindi Blog to rank higher in Google search results. Otherwise, you can choose any domain name.

After buying a custom domain name for your Hindi blog, sign up on Google Search Console. Here at Search Console, you can do all the things which are related to SEO such as you can ask Googlebot to crawl your web pages, you can check your backlinks and more.

6. Choose Your Target Keywords

Keyword researching is the important task that you have to do before writing an engaging content. For researching keywords you can use free tools like KWFinder, Ubersuggest, Keywordshitter or you can use Google Autosuggest too.

Choosing a target keyword is very important for your blog. At the beginning, I recommend you to focus on Long Tail Keywords because it is easier to rank on search engine. 

Okay. Let me give you an example: If you are writing a content about “Blogging” then your short tail keyword will be – “Blogging” and the long tail keyword will be – “Hindi Blogging Tips“. In this post, I did the same trick and that’s why you are here. 

When I was telling you about long tail keywords above I used my focus keyword once again. Is not? Yeah. I mean “ek teer se do shikaar“!

7. Write Blog Posts Regularly

To rank higher on Google and other search engines you have to publish posts regularly. If writing a blog post is consuming a lot of time then you can publish content on weekly basis. Many people think “Consistency is the key” and I strongly believe in this.

8. Build Backlinks

Building backlinks is an on-going process. There are two types of backlink – Do-Follow and No-Follow. But both of them are important to build a good backlink profile.

You can start making backlinks after publishing 4-5 posts. Make backlinks through blog commenting, involve in roundup posts, always write in-depth articles to get backlinks automatically or you can get backlinks by social bookmarking. As I already said, making backlinks is an on-going process. So, try to make 5-10 backlinks per day. It will boost your rankings.

9. Social Sharing

Do you ever wonder how your readers can share your posts on social media platformsThe answer is simple – Share Buttons.  Make it easier for your readers to share your blog posts on Social Media.

ToolsAddthis (my favorite), ShareThis, Sumo, add to any, Shareaholic etc.

You can use inline or sidebar share buttons to get likes and shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Note: The Social signal is a very important signal which helps you increase your domain authority.

10. Create Important Pages

Your readers will trust you if you add these pages – About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer. I recommend you to create all these pages if you are going to apply for Adsense advertising program.

How to create Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer page?

If can visit any one of the following Privacy Policy generator tools – 


Bonus Tip – Many newbies make a mistake by adding too many ads on his/her blog. It is not going to help you to make money fast rather your earnings will decrease. If you follow my blog regularly then you might notice I don’t show ads between content. But you can use affiliate links.

It’s your turn

I told you every single information that you need to know to kick-start your own Hindi blog. Did you know? You can earn money by using CPC, CPM, CPA ads like Google Adsense, Chitika and most importantly Affiliate Marketing from your Hindi blog.

Anyway, hope you like this post which was about Hindi blogging tips for Hindi bloggers and don’t wait, be a Hindi Blogger, start your blogging journey and share your experience with me.
Do let me know if you have more questions regarding Hindi Blog in the comment area.

Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Remember, sharing is caring.

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