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#NewYork: She is a former pornstar. Although not associated with porn for a long time, Mia Khalifa is a hugely popular name around the world. His presence across social media is very eye-catching. The response of the fans is nothing less. All in all, she is still one of the most popular celebrities. He is the one who posted the video to Tiktak. Where he is talking to his future imaginary daughter. And he says, if you want to get a chest and nose like me, you have to spend a lot of money.

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According to the report, Mia spent about 13,000 euros to artificially reshape her breasts. He says to his fictional daughter in his mind, “Mother spent 13,000 euros on breast surgery, 15,000 euros for nose. I also have to save money soon.” Mia is heard saying, as if her daughter were saying, Mom, I want her to look like you when she grows up. Mia is saying this in her reply.

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Ordinary people have already given around 2,000 likes on this video. Many have laughed at Mia’s words. Mia, however, wrote that it would be uncomfortable to talk to her about her body. But if there is talk, then he will give such an answer. A few days ago, a new news about Mia went viral on social media that she had undergone nose surgery. Earlier, Mia Khalifa had decided to operate on her breasts after an accident. That news also came a few days ago.



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