How to Check Airtel Number: Quick Tips

How to Check Airtel Number: In this post, we are going to provide you with some working Airtel USSD code that will help you get your own Airtel number instantly. Currently, these USSD numbers are working but they may not work in future. We will update you once the working code is changed.

How to Check Airtel Number: Quick & Easy Tips

So, here’s how you can check Airtel number –

You can check your Airtel SIM number through:

• Airtel Thanks App
• Customer Care

Option 1: Check Airtel Number Through USSD Codes

Airtel Number Check Code 1: *282#
Airtel Mobile Number Check Code 2: *121*1#
Airtel SIM Number Check Code 3: *121*9#
Airtel Number Check Code (USSD) 4: *121*51#

Option 2: Check Number Through the Airtel Thanks App

You can also check your Airtel mobile number through the Airtel Thanks app. Just download/update/open the app and visit the home screen, you may notice the mobile number there.

Option 3: Check Airtel Number by calling Airtel Customer Care

Call 121 or 198 and ask them that you don’t know your number. They will give you the number or tell you the process of getting it.

Bought a New Airtel SIM?

If you bought a new Airtel SIM then you may not remember it instantly. For this reason, you have to use any one of the following USSD codes to check the number yours.

Note the Number of Your Airtel SIM

After getting the number, note down it or memorize it for your future purposes. The number is required for recharge or bill payments, creating accounts at different platforms, getting the OTP (one-time-password) from banks or other online companies, school or college registrations etc. So, you need to keep your mobile number handy and USSD is the only way to rapidly check your own phone number.

Bookmark this page, for your future uses. So that, if you forget the USSD codes then you can quickly visit here through your browser.

Getting Issues?

If you are facing any issues like “error” after typing the USSD code on your phone then we are requesting you to try it again later. It may be some technical fault which will be fixed after some time. On the other hand, if you getting an error multiple times then kindly call the customer care number or complaint number of Airtel and discuss the problem with them. It will surely help you.


We hope this post helped you get to check Airtel number. If you have any queries, complaints, suggestions, opinions then feel free to contact us through our contact page. We will happily help you. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our new Youtube channel for more updates about diverse things.

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