How to Delete a Upstox Account? (Do it Quickly!)

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One must pay out different charges, including AMC, trading, and much more, to enjoy trading services with a broker. Whether using a Demat account or a trading account, it imposes maintenance charges for continuing the benefits further. If you have an account with Upstox and you use it very rarely, the best thing you can do is close it. Deleting such inactive accounts saves you from paying AMC charges and other charges.

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Delete Upstox Account

The pro version of Upstox allows users to trade and analyze the Indian stock markets in real time. This account is usually featured with cutting-edge charting tools and features live market data, making trading relatively easy. Upstox is currently serving as one of India’s most renowned stock market trading apps. The application offers you the seamless experience of trading without any issues.

One needs to download the application on their device, and once done with it, they can easily experience the most excellent trading experience for free. Along with trading, the application also allows users to track and analyze the stocks on the go.

To get unlimited access here, users need to open a Demand account. Once done with it, you can easily place your first trade without hassle. Upstox offers the freedom of closing the free Demat account anytime, anywhere the user wants. You don’t need to pay any charges for closing your Demat account.

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How to Delete Upstox Account Permanently Online?

How to delete a Upstox Demat Account online? 

The closing of the Upstox Demat account online is a tricky process. Before you start your Upstox Demat account closure, make sure to keep the two key facts in mind, and that is:

  • It offers users the freedom to close accounts online.
  • If you have a joint statement, the account will be closed only after checking all the holders’ signs on its closure.
  • Once you went through these facts, you can quickly speed up your account closure process by:
  • Launch your Upstox Demat account.
  • Now close all of your open F&O positions in the market.
  • Once done with it, check on your existing securities in the Demat account and then transfer them to another account.
  • The next thing you have to do is to keep your Demat account empty.
  • After completing the above process, pay all the pending dues, and once done with it, you can quickly close the Upstox Demat account online.

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How to delete a Upstox Account offline?

For deleting a Upstox account, all you have to do is:

  • Launch your web browser and download the Account Closure Form from the Upstox website.
  • It was once done. Now scroll down the list given to the bottom of the home page of the website.
  • Now go to the Customer Support option, followed by the Forms Download section.
  • If you cannot download the preferable form for some reason, then make sure to contact customer care services. Users can quickly get the same through email or phone also.
  • Make sure to fill in the form given very carefully by adding the exact details.
  • If multiple people use the account, sign in the form by all the account holders.
  • Make sure to attach all required documents with the form, and once will do it, send the courier to the head office of the company.

Things to keep in mind:

Make sure to follow up on the Upstox account after one week of applying to check your status.

It takes about 30 days to complete transferring securities successfully.

Users are informed through reliable sources about the successful closing of the Upstox account. Moreover, a final statement is also provided with the closing of the account.

How to Delete the Upstox Account Permanently?

One can quickly close Upstox accounts online using the dedicated Upstox mobile app. It usually takes about seven working days to complete the account successfully once after requesting account closure. However, if you are looking forward to closing your Upstox account permanently, you can easily do it by:

  • Make a secure login to your Upstox app or the website.
  • Now tap on the Name button at the top left corner of your home screen.
Source: Upstox
  • You will be redirected to the Account section. Scroll down to the Account Closure area. Click on ‘Close Account’ and then confirm again. Look at the image below:
Source: Upstox
  • Once you will do it, now submit your reason for closing the form permanently.
Source: Upstox
Source: Upstox
  • Bingo! You have deleted your Upstox account permanently.


So, Guys! It is all about how to delete a Upstox account conveniently. Deleting the Upstox account is the best way to avoid AMC charges and other charges. One can quickly delete their Upstox account online or do the same through the offline process. We have provided you with the detailed procedures for both options above. Follow the instructions given carefully to make successful access over the same.

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