How to Use a Geo-Blocking on Any Device

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Tested Strategies to Pass Geo-Blocking Easily on Any Device

Geo-blocking is some kind of comparatively new thing that many Internet users find to be useless and… they are right about that. Still, facing such restrictions is not the reason to refuse from getting the content you would like to review. There are effective means to bypass any restriction and view the desired geo-blocked content. 

But, at the start, it is better to describe briefly what geo-blocking is and how it works. There are no complicated things about it in fact. So, let’s move step by step to reveal how things work and how to deal with them.

What Is Geo-Blocking and How Does It Work?

Geo-blocking is a measure applied by governmental or private organizations (individuals) that limit access to content based on the geographical location of a device that is going to access such content. This type of restriction works for many types of content, including websites, articles, and different web services. Such well-known services as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix use geo-restrictions. 

In any case, the manner in which geo-blocking works is the same. Any device has its unique identifier – an IP address. This identifier points to your geographical location. So, if you attempt to access specific content where geo-blocking is applied emphasizing your location, your access is naturally denied.

Why Is It Applied?

The next question that may naturally appear in this course is what is the purpose of any geo-restriction? Generally, there are 3 main reasons why geo-blocking is placed on specific web resources.

  • Copyright and licensing 

Geo-blocking is applied to protect copyrighted and licensed content from countries where respective laws don’t provide enough protection for such content. This type of protection enables content owners to monetize their TV shows, movies, music, books, and other content with a decreased level of fear that their rights will be possibly breached.

  • Market segmentation

This is another common reason why geo-blocking is applied. Global companies usually emphasize this objective to divide the world market into separate segments. In some regions, a business may charge higher rates compared with others. So, switching to another IP address from the region with lower rates may easily enable you to save a great portion of your funds. 

  • Restrictions for illegal content

This reason is in place when governments decide to restrict some illegal content. In many cases, there is an excessive measure that leads to the restrictions of the rights and liberties that citizens have. So, bypassing such geo-restriction is a pretty reasonable thing that will enable proper access to the information, a must-have one in many cases. 

How to Pass Burdensome Geo-Blocking?

There is a helpful tool to overcome any burdensome geo-restriction – VPN. This means a Virtual Private Network. It may be in the form of a separate app, like a VPN for Mac. Or it may be in place as an extension, like the VPN Chrome extension. In any case, this tool works for the protection and overcoming of geo-restrictions, and here is how it does this.

Any app or Google VPN extension changes that unique identification number your device may have – that IP address we were speaking about a couple of paragraphs before. Instead, a user may pick any other IP address provided by a secure web server located anywhere in the world. Naturally, that should be a country where no geo-restrictions are applied. Access to a secure server is especially important for costly devices, like MAC. VPN for Mac prevents many cyber threats this type of device usually faces pretty often. A VPN Chrome extension is the simplest option in this course. 

As a user, you may easily pick any server and IP address that suits you. In this way, you hide your real IP address. The single point is to make sure you use a VPN service that applies an advanced level of protection, including in terms of encryption. If you find a tool of this kind, VeePN can serve you well. This app introduces a variety of servers worldwide and advanced security features. It enables bypassing the restrictions placed by many popular web platforms and gives the answer to the question of how to get unbanned from Omegle and similar services. 

This is an advanced tool and many honest reviews confirm the point. A VPN download takes minutes but provides numerous benefits in return. Install and enjoy the content you find valuable or simply interesting!

QA Section about the Things That Usually Worry Users

In this section, you may find the answers to the most common questions that users ask about VPN geo-blocking. So, what are the most important points here?

Is Geo-Blocking 100% Legal?

That may be the first point to think about while trying to overcome this restriction, but, unfortunately, geo-blocking is totally legal. That is the right of media companies to restrict some content based on their preferences about a target audience. 

Is It Legal to Bypass Geo-Blocking?

There are no specific restrictions in these terms. There are no special laws that forbid using a Google VPN extension or similar VPN options. So, in the case of ordinary citizens, all the things that are not prohibited by laws are generally considered to be legal, and using VPN is among such legal things. 

Bottom Line

Accessing geo-blocked websites is not the reason to refuse the target content. Use VPN and enjoy YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Omegle, and others without restrictions. A VPN download takes minutes but opens many opportunities and protects from many cyber threats. Apply the tool and enjoy the variety of content available online without restrictions!

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