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#Welington: Is this even possible? The wife wrote ‘Husband for sale’ with the advertisement of selling her husband online, not the old furniture of the house or the whole land-house or expensive car. The shocking news happened in the island nation of New Zealand. The wife has advertised the sale to her husband on her social media page by arranging her profile properly. And what happens after that! The ad spread like wildfire. After that the woman was trolled on social media.

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It is learned that a woman named Linda McAliser from New Zealand posted this advertisement on her social media page. Not only that, he has published the advertisement neatly arranged. Sources also said that the woman has urged everyone to read the advertisement on her social media page.

Husband does not give time, the wife advertised to sell her husband online in anger! - News18 Bangla

The woman said that the couple got married in 2019. They also have children. Her husband, John McAlister, is from Ireland. He is a simple farmer by profession. At present their family is quite prosperous. But even after all this, Linder is often in trouble with her husband John. That is why she made this decision, she said.

According to his wife, John does not take any care of his wife and children in the family in the name of vacation. Besides, John would often go missing from home with various excuses. The woman claimed that she was upset with her husband’s behavior but did not pay attention to it. And since then, their marital life and sweetness have cracked, said Linda. It is reported that she is not living with her husband at present.

It is learned that Linda has mentioned her husband’s picture, age, height, skin color and current occupation in the advertisement for sale to her husband. Besides, she did not forget to mention the travels that her husband likes. Besides, the woman has also announced to give an attractive gift to her husband if he buys it.

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But whatever the wife does. Husband-wife relationship is forever intact. So instead of getting angry when he saw the advertisement given by his wife, John got some fun. Even after seeing the advertisement given by Linder, many people have made various comments on social media. However, Linda has already removed the ad from her page.

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