If You Want Guaranteed Income Every Month Then LIC This Policy Will Work For You Know Details


LIC Saral Pension Scheme: LIC is the largest and most reliable insurance company in India. Crores of people trust LIC. LIC keeps on coming out with different types of plans for the customers so that the loans keep in mind their financial goals and choose the policy of their choice. One of these is LIC’s Saral Pension Scheme. This is a non-linked single premium scheme in which the policyholders get pension for lifetime after paying premium only once.

This policy comes with two options which are for single life and joint life. One can choose between these two available options.

single life option

  • This option includes life annuity with 100% return of purchase price.
  • This pension will be linked to any one person.
  • As long as the pensioners are alive, they will continue to get pension under this plan.
  • After the death of the pensioner, the base premium paid for taking the policy will be returned to his/her nominee.
  • Tax deducted in this option is not refundable.

joint life option

  • Under this option, Saral Pension Plan can be taken with the spouse.
  • In this option, the pension is linked to both the husband and wife.
  • Whoever survives till the end of the spouse, they get pension.
  • As much pension as one person will get while alive, the same pension amount is received by the other spouse for life after the death of one of them.
  • In the event of the second pensioner also leaving the world, the nominee is given the base price that was paid at the time of taking the policy.

Highlights of the plan

  • In this scheme, the pension will start as soon as the policy is taken.
  • The policyholder has the option to take pension every month, quarter, half yearly or once in a year.
  • The minimum annuity in the plan is Rs 12,000 per annum.
  • The minimum purchase price will depend on the annual mode, option opted and the age of the policy taker.
  • There is no maximum purchase price limit in this plan.
  • To take advantage of monthly pension, at least one thousand rupees will have to be invested in the month.
  • For quarterly pension, at least 3 thousand will have to be invested in a month.

buy from here

  • The policy can be purchased offline or online.
  • The policy can be purchased online from the in website and you can get more information through this link to take the plan.-
  • https://licindia.in/Products/Pension-Plans/LIC-s-Saral-Pension-PLan-No-862,-UIN-No-512N342V01
  • People in the age group of 40 to 80 years can buy this scheme.

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