If you want to take a picture of a child, you have to pay, Bharti Singh is angry


#Mumbai: A few days ago, Bharti Singh gave the good news. Bharti Singh is going to be a mother. “We are going to be mothers,” Bharati and Harsh said in a video on social media. Bharati shared the video on her YouTube channel ‘LOL Life of Limbachia’ and on her Instagram handle. Bollywood is happy with the news of Bharati becoming a mother. Many have given birth to children during this time.

Among them is Kareena Kapoor Khan. It was during this time that Kareena gave birth to her second child, Jeh. However, when the corona started to lighten, it was at that time that Kareena Kapoor Khan became positive. The mother could not even get close to her son Timtim’s birthday. Having to stay in isolation. But not only Kareena, Anushka Sharma has given birth to a child at this time. Their sweet daughter role. Anushka has published the picture a few days ago. This time Bharti Singh is walking this path.

But Bharti Singh is a man who can make fun of everything in life. Bharati always laughs and jokes. She is the comedy queen. Bharati can have fun with her marriage, husband, life. She married Harsh in love. Bharati and Harsh are also made fun of all the time. Bharati makes fun of herself. But this time Comedy Queen has given good news. She is going to be a mother. That news has already spread everywhere. The paparazzi have shared his pictures and videos in various places.

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Recently, a video was shared which killed netizens with laughter. The paparazzi found Bharti Singh on the street. This time Bharati says to one of them, “Come and sit on my lap and take pictures.” He is smiling. Then he asked a Bharati, when is she going to be a mother? Immediately Bharati said, “Why is it a crime to have a child?” Hearing this, she started laughing again. This time Bharati said, “I am telling you where my child will be. ” Bharati said jokingly. The paparazzi laughed when they saw that. Viral video.



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