Iman Chakraborty: ‘Who are you? Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Emon answered the trolls


#Kolkata: Iman Chakraborty is a popular singer in Tollywood. A few days ago, he also set foot in the world of acting. The photo shoot is already over. But all this is known! What has happened to Emon recently is truly reprehensible. That is what some netizens think.

But what’s the matter? It is learned that Iman Chakraborty suddenly came live on social media on Monday afternoon. He started live apologizing to everyone. And after that, the singer expressed her annoyance towards some people. Although he did not name anyone.

But what is he so upset about? The matter is with his students. Emon told Live that he appeared on a channel show on Sunday morning. Some of Iman’s students (Iman Chakraborty) were with him. They perform songs together. The program was later shared on the official page of the channel. And there are some people who make annoying comments. No one writes Emon or knows the song. Someone said that his students do not have a melody in their throats. Emon and his students were insulted on social media by making such bad comments. Seeing this, Emon’s students naturally broke down. Many even cry. After that Emon got angry.

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He thinks it needs to be protested. Iman Chakraborty came live from his page and said, “You have no right to insult anyone like this.” And he also said that his students work hard. They get a chance to sing on this channel and they are made smaller in this way. As a human being, Emon could not accept as an artist.

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When he (Iman Chakraborty) came live, he said to an unnamed person, “My mother ran away after hearing your song. And my sons and daughters are being called out of tune. Don’t let anyone go ahead. The boys and girls are hardworking, they deserve this place. Who are you Don’t make the boys and girls of your house so that they too can sit on the stage and sing. “

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