In a bikini and short skirt, Urfi Javed took social media by storm. Urfi Javed’s new photos having great impact which goes super viral in social media. – News18 Bangla

#Mumbai: Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed) means that there is no comment that can not be thought When he goes out of the house, there are various comments about him, everyone is watching him, but not only him, but also his clothes. This time too Urfi Javed is getting out of his car otherwise While posing for the photo, one of them came out of his mouth. That video has gone viral on social media

Bigg Boss OTT’s contestant caught fire on social media in a very short skirt with a bikini. In the previous picture, Urfi Javed had a fight The clothes have been matched on the blue bikini Seeing this picture of Urfi, it seems that the head will turn 7 at the moment You will keep wondering what Urfi Javed 7 is wearing The rising model in a mini bikini and mini skirt caught fire on social media. Urfi Javed came to practice with different people at different times because of his costumes.

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Speaking to, Urfi Javed said that he often faced bad comments from the minority community on social media, most of the time from the people of the minority community. People in the minority community do not like him So don’t even marry them Because it must be within a certain range, this opinion must belong to Urfi Javed.

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