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#NewDelhi: The third wave of Corona has hit the country. The number of victims has exceeded one lakh every day. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the Union Budget 2022 on February 1. Experts say India jumped into the war with Corona just in time. Vaccination program is being carried out vigorously. As a result, India’s economy is in a better position than other countries. Now the budget (Union Budget 2022) needs an unexpected boost. Due to which the wind of economic growth will blow.

In the wake of global inflation, rising commodity costs have pushed up the price of raw materials. Equipment has to be imported at higher prices. In this scenario, if India wants to be a strong partner in global supply of goods, it will have to make financial concessions in clusters and industrial parks. At the moment the market is buzzing with start-up business. The government will have to consider whether some concessions can be made in this case to save it from the Corona’s push (Union Budget 2022).

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On the one hand, do not, on the other hand, the eyes of pollution. Global warming is also increasing headaches. Experts say the government should pay special attention to biofuels and waste management in rural and urban areas. In all these cases, there is a huge potential for employment. Therefore, if financial concessions are given in the budget, a kind of incentive will also be given. Disaster management, translation, first aid, self-defense, yoga should also be included in the curriculum of higher education. As a result, students’ skills will increase in multiple cases.

Informed quarters think that income taxpayers should be given special respect. The government should also consider whether any special rights can be brought for them. They must be actively involved in the decision making process. Their identity cards can be issued on the basis of income tax department.

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Extremely organized and unorganized, both have adverse effects. Buying and selling books, stationery, publishing houses have come to a standstill. Various learning apps, online publishing platforms, home delivery companies have come up. In fact, human needs have changed dramatically. But many people are still associated with the unorganized industry. So the government should extend a helping hand to them too. There has been a paradigm shift in technology. But the elderly and the disabled could not cope with this change. It is important for them to make changes in the digitalized banking sector conveniently and smoothly.

Experts say e-commerce companies and OTT platforms could become one of the biggest sources of revenue in the future. However, there is no need to change the income tax for this. Because of the epidemic, ordinary people may not be willing to spend too much on entertainment. However, indirect tax amendments are required on some essential consumer goods. Informed quarters also think that it is necessary to take steps to curb the excessive use of smartphones by young children and teenagers. For this, provision of fine can also be brought. They feel the need to focus on indoor games and radio programs.

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