Indian Railways: Big decision of Indian Railways, additional benefits will be available on these trains!

#NewDelhi: Corona is taking one new decision after another with Indian Railways in mind for the benefit of passengers after coming under extreme control. A limited number of trains were operating in compliance with government guidelines (Corona Guidelines) to reduce the increase in Covid-19 transmission. Once the situation is under control, it is being planned to run all the trains again as before. Attempts are being made to gradually return home to normal by increasing the number of trains.

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In addition, Indian Railways is deciding to pay special attention to the convenience of the passengers who travel by train every day. Monthly Season Tickets (MST) are being introduced in a row for the convenience of commuters. Passengers will now get the benefit of monthly season ticket (MST) on 4 pairs of trains running under North Western Railway. From now on, passengers will be able to travel daily without any hassle using monthly tickets. Below are the details of these 4 pairs of trains.

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1. Train No. 09621/09622, Jaipur-Udaipur City-Jaipur

2. Train No. 12991/12992, Udaipur City-Jaipur-Udaipur City

3. Train No. 2296/2298, Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaipur

4. Train No. 14609/14610, Jodhpur-Jaisalam-Jodhpur

In addition, the Beacon division has provided MST access to passengers on 10 trains under them. These 10 trains are-

1. Train No. 04601/02, Lalgarh-Abohar-Lalgarh Passenger (excluding Bhatinda on Lalgarh-Bhatinda-Lalgarh rail route)

2. Train No. 09749/50, Suratgarh – Bhatinda – Suratgarh Passenger (Suratgarh – Bhatinda – Suratgarh rail route except Bhatinda)

3. Train No. 0461/72, Bhatinda – Rewari – Bhatinda Passenger (excluding Bhatinda on Bhatinda – Rewari – Bhatinda route)

4. Train No. 14621/22, Jodhpur-Bhatinda-Jodhpur Express (excluding Bhatinda on Jodhpur-Bhatinda-Jodhpur route)

5. Train No. 14738/38, Bhiwani – Tilak Bridge – Bhiwani Express (excluding Rohtak on Viwani – Rohtak – Bhiwani route)

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. Train No. 04090/69, Hisar – New Delhi – Hisar Passenger

. Train No. 1408/75, Sirsa-Tilakbridge-Sirsa Express (on Sirsa-Rewari-Sirsa route)

. Train No. 14629/30, Rewari – Fazilka – Rewari Express (excluding Rewari – Bhatinda – Rewari route Bhatinda)

9. Train No. 14734/33, Rewari-Sriganganagar-Rewari Express (excluding Rewari-Bhatinda-Rewari route Bhatinda)

10. Train No. 04083/64, Jind – Hisar – Jind Passenger (excluding Bhatinda on Hisar – Bhatinda – Hisar route)


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