Indian Railways: Big decisions on multiple important trains from the century, many on the cancellation list for two months

#Kolkata: Air change across the country 6 According to Weather Update, the incidence of fog is increasing The effect of the train has also started to be felt Indian Railways is facing difficulties in running trains in fog due to winter in different states. Accidents may also increase as visibility decreases As a result, a lot of trains are being canceled keeping in mind the safety of passengers The number of some trains is being reduced to 7

The Northern Railway canceled 31 pairs of trains, or 72 mail trains, due to fog in northern India. The decision to cancel the train has been sealed by India Railways These trains will be closed from December to February The number of multiple trains has also been reduced to 7 The number of several important trains including Kanpur Shatabdi, Gorakhpur Humsafar, Bhagalpur Shatabdi is being reduced. The decision will affect most of the eastbound mail or express trains from Delhi, i.e. most of the Bihar-Bangla trains. As a result, passengers are not getting confirmed tickets

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According to India Railways, they have already informed the passengers as this will enable them to reach their destination in any other way. When the weather returns to normal, the train service will resume as per the pre-arranged schedule. Indian Railways is monitoring the situation If there is a sudden increase in the number of passengers on a route, then a special train may also be run

Trains canceled till February are Licchbi Express, Hatia Superfast, New Delhi-Rohtak Intercity, New Delhi Maldah Town Express, Anandbihar Terminal, Sitamarhi Licchbi Express, Anandbihar Maldah Town Express, Anandbihar-Dilniprapur, Anandbihar-Dilpurisp. Superfast Express, Anandbihar Terminal – Santragachhi Express 7

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The number of these trains will be reduced

Kaifiyat Express

Bhagalpur Garibarath Express

Labor Express

Complete Tropical Express

Mahabodhi Express

Vaishali Express

Saptakranti Express

Uniqueness Fighter Express

Danapur Jansadharan Express

Vikramshila Express

Satyagraha Express

Anandbihar Terminal – Mau Express

Kashi Bishwanath

Anandbihar Terminal – Kamakhya Express


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