Indian Railways Rules Indian Railways Gave Facility To Travel Without Ticket Train Travel With Platform Ticket

Train Travel Without Ticket : If you are also planning to travel by train and you do not have a ticket, then now you do not have to worry. Now you can travel in the train even if you do not have a ticket. In view of the problems of the passengers, Indian Railways has also made some rules for traveling without tickets. Let us tell you how you can travel in train without ticket.

Sometimes tickets are not available
Many times passengers have to travel suddenly or they cannot get tickets due to any reason, then you should have only platform ticket. After that you have to contact TTE. You have to go to the ticket checker and by going there you can get your ticket made.

Will have to pay a penalty of Rs 250
You will have to tell all your details to the ticket checker and after that you will have to get a ticket made till your destination. Let us tell you that due to lack of seat in the train, you may have trouble getting a reserved seat, but the ticket checker cannot stop you from traveling. If you do not have a reservation, then you will also have to pay a penalty charge of Rs 250.

Passengers can board the train if they have a platform ticket
The passenger will have to get the ticket made by paying a penalty charge of Rs 250 along with the total fare of the ticket. After holding the platform ticket, the passenger becomes eligible to board the train. Explain that the passenger will have to pay the fare from the same station from where the platform ticket has been taken.

Will not be able to give seat till 2 stations
Apart from this, if your train is missed due to any reason then the ticket checker cannot allot your seat to anyone till the next 2 stations, but if you do not reach the 2nd station then your seat can be allotted to anyone by TTE and You cannot take any action for this.

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