Jalba monkey army is going on! Superhit on social by killing 250 puppies

#Maharashtra: Revengeful Monkeys Killing 250 Dogs are killed by the enemy. Revenge started from then. One murder after another is going on but revenge is not ending. No, this is not the story of a new movie or series. This is actually happening. But this enemy side is not human. It’s all animal fighting. The story of the dog and Hanuman’s fierce fight. The incident started in Maharashtra.

The incident at Lavul village in Majalgaon area of ​​Maharashtra’s Bid district (Revengeful Monkeys Killing 250 Dogs) has already shocked. In the last one month, 250 puppies have been killed in this village. The incident started a month ago. A group of dogs found and killed a newborn monkey cub. Mother monkey could not save. The mother monkey saw the murder of her child in front of her eyes. From then on, the fire of revenge ignited in the mother’s mind.

A group of monkeys started harassing (Revengeful Monkeys Killing 250 Dogs). Where the puppies can be seen straight up on the lap and killed on the roof. Ordinary people from the port office have tried to stop this violence. But they are not going to handle anything. The monkey army killed about 250 dogs. This is called mother’s revenge.

However, the incident has caused a stir on Twitter (Revengeful Monkeys Killing 250 Dogs). Thousands of memes have been created. Someone there shared a video and wrote, “Not all monkeys are one.” Again someone says, this is revenge. Someone wrote that a movie can be made with this story. Someone wrote again, this is the real fighter. Everyone is terrified to see mother’s revenge. This phenomenon is trending on Twitter. Everyone is filling social media with various memes. Many people have supported this change. Again, many are worried about the dogs in the area. Many are again concerned for the local people. However, forest officials are worried about how to stop this fighting. Everyone has come down to the field to stop the fight.


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