James Webb Space Telescope Launched: NASA Launches James Webb Space Telescope See

#Washington: The long wait of 25 years is over. Finally, the successful launch of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (James Webb Space Telescope Launched). The launch was scheduled for a day earlier, but was delayed due to bad weather. As a result, the world’s largest space telescope went into space on Christmas. According to NASA sources, the James Webb Space Telescope has been safely launched into space. There is also communication with ground control. This marked the beginning of a new era in astronomy. (James Webb Space Telescope Launched)

According to the international news agency, it left for space on Saturday morning. The infrared telescope was carried in the cargo inside the Ariane-5 rocket. It was launched at around 8:20 am. The telescope was launched from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) launch base in French Guiana. After a 28-minute hypersonic journey into space, the 14,000-pound device was launched from the surface of a French-built rocket about 65 miles above the earth.

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It also cost a fortune to build this huge space telescope. The cost, which was estimated at ১০ 10 to কোটি 200 million in the mid-nineties, eventually stood at ০০ 1 billion. The Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency helped NASA build it. John Cromwell Mather, Nobel laureate astrophysicist who is the chief scientist of this telescope, claims that in 29 days the James Webb Space Telescope will reach 1.5 million kilometers away. Send information from there. By analyzing that data, we can find out what the light of the first stars was like tens of millions of years after the Big Bang. ‘

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Astronomers are increasingly interested in the deep and distant realms of space that have yet to be uncovered. There are many questions in the minds of ordinary people who practice space. And to curb all this curiosity, the James Webb Space Telescope has been sent into space. It is said that on average there is one planet per star in the universe. So, maybe the telescope will help us to find the future world.

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