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New Delhi. If you have a smartphone then this news is very important for you, because the most dangerous Android virus Joker malware of Google Play Store has become active once again. This time this virus has been found on an app called Color Message of Google Play-store. So far more than 5 lakh people have downloaded this app from Play Store. This app claims to make SMS testing more fun.

The team of researchers of mobile security solutions firm Pradeo has found this virus in Color Message App. This app claims to make messaging fun and beautiful. Researchers have placed the Joker malware in the Fleecewear category. Its purpose is to copy the data of users and to do online fraud.

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This virus was identified for the first time in 2017
Joker Malware This is the most dangerous Android virus in the Google Play Store. It was first identified in 2017. In 2019, Google posted a blog warning people, in which it told how to avoid Joker malware.

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This virus cheats by giving attractive offers
Google Play Store has already banned this app completely, but people who have already downloaded this app. Those people can be victims of this. Therefore it is necessary that this app should be deleted from the mobile as soon as possible. Joker malware keeps coming in one form or the other. One of the most used malware apps. People all over the world have been duped through Joker malware on the pretext of offering them lucrative offers.

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