Kaam Ki Baat: Financial crisis will no longer surround you if you lose your job, this policy will come in handy in difficult times


Job Insurance: During the Corona period, the employment of people has been hit the most. A large number of people have lost their jobs, especially in the private sector. In such a situation, it is necessary that such arrangements should be made that in case of loss of job, one does not have to face any kind of financial crisis. Job insurance can help you a lot in this work. Know about Job Insurance :-

Job Insurance Highlights

  • Under this policy, if the policyholder loses his job, he and his family get financial security for some period.
  • However, financial security is available only if the reasons given in the policy are met. Due to which the policyholder has lost his job.
  • In India it can be due to serious illness or accident causing complete or permanent disability.
  • Job Insurance not a standalone policy Is. This means that this policy cannot be taken separately in India.
  • It can be taken as an add on cover along with the main policy.
  • Usually you would Can be taken with health insurance or with home insurance policy.

what is covered

  • You will get cover if you lose your job due to the reasons mentioned in the policy.
  • Cover is also available in case of temporary suspension.

Who can take this policy

  • The applicant’s income should be in the form of salary.
  • The company in which the applicant is working should be registered.
  • These self work policies Can not take.

How to claim

  • If the policyholder loses his job, then he has to inform the insurance company.
  • The policyholder also has to provide proof of non-employment. Along with this, other documents also have to be given.
  • After the verification of all the documents, the insurance company gives the claim.

when the claim is not received

  • If the policyholder has lost his job due to bad work, dishonesty or fraud, then the cover will not be available.
  • The cover will not be available if the job is lost during the probation period.
  • < li>Voluntary retirement will also not cover.

  • No cover for temporary contract workers.

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