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#Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor Khan has been infected with coronavirus for 12 days on Thursday. On this day, the heroine herself shared about her physical condition (Kareena Kapoor Health Update) in her Instagram story. The heroine (Kareena Kapoor Health Update) has painted her lips with red lipstick with pajamas. In the first post, the heroine wrote, “I am still trying to understand whether we are still in Corona’s time or not … However, the 12th day … and two days left … everyone be careful”. After that, Kareena shared a picture of her pouted lips and wrote, ‘Pajamas, lipstick and pout … great combination … try’. (Kareena Kapoor Health Update)

Kareena Kapoor’s Health Update His post shows that he has recovered a lot in 12 days. On top of that, he has also explored the physical condition of the fans with the pictures of Sageguje being in such a positive mood while he was in quarantine. Kareena Kapoor and some of her close friends were attacked by Corona after returning from Karan Johar’s house last week. The list includes Amrita Aurora, Seema Khan and Mahip Kapoor. Karan, of course, is not negative.

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On Monday last week, Kareena herself shared the news of Corona’s attack on social media. Since then, Karina has been confined to the four walls of the house. The eldest son Timur’s birthday was December 20. He also celebrated the day by posting a video of Timur’s first walk on social media. For now, he is counting the days to reunite with his family. The quarantine period is usually after 14 days. Karina will test again after that.

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Karina’s quarantine is coming to an end on Saturday. Only then will Karina’s corona situation be known. Their second son, Zehr, was born on February 21 this year. Timur is their eldest son. In terms of work, Kareena was last seen in an English medium film. He will be seen in the upcoming film Lal Singh Chadda with Aamir Khan. The film is set to release early next year.

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