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#Bengaluru: The Congress MLA of Karnataka has apologized for making controversial remarks about rape. He said, ‘When rape is inevitable, it is better to enjoy it while lying down!’ After that the debate started with this. Later, MLA KR Ramesh Kumar apologized for that comment. He apologized and said, “I will be careful about word choice in the future.”

Flood-ravaged Karnataka was being discussed in the Assembly on Thursday. All the MLAs wanted to talk about the loss of their assembly constituencies As a result, the speaker got into trouble Because he wanted to finish the work of the session within the stipulated time of 6 pm But the legislators wanted the work of the session to be prolonged Because everyone has to highlight the problems of the people in their assembly constituency

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Then the speaker said, ‘Continue what you are doing. I think this situation should be enjoyed. I can’t control the system. I just need to think about the workings of the assembly. This situation also needs to be brought under control.

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After that Ramesh Kumar made controversial remarks. “Look, it’s better to lie down and enjoy when rape is inevitable. Your situation is the same,” she said. As soon as some people were surprised, the legislators present in the assembly laughed. After that the criticism started. BJP leader S Prakash said, “The MLA has uttered horrible insults. He is a serial criminal. He used to behave the same way when he was the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. Now he has done the same thing again. Action should be taken against the MLA. ” “If any remarks hurt women, I have no objection,” the Congressman told the Legislative Assembly on Friday after much criticism.

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