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#Bengaluru: Finally found relief. That too again after a long 21 years. A 56-year-old man has been released from his wife’s custody in a divorce case following a High Court ruling. Recently, a division bench of two judges of the Karnataka High Court passed the verdict. However, the court not only disposed of the divorce case but also directed the petitioning husband to pay Rs 3 million to the divorced wife for the rest of her life.

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A division bench of the Karnataka High Court comprising Justice B Veerapa and Justice KS Hemalekha ruled that the case could go on for a long time once the couple separated. However, after observing this particular case, the two judges came to the conclusion that the marriage was totally dead after 21 years of separation (Marriage Is Totally Dead). However, the two judges said that efforts should be made to bring the two sides together. However, if the marital relationship becomes bitter and if it is against the law of marriage protection, then the case goes on for a long time, they call it very sad.

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According to court sources, the 56-year-old husband filed an appeal in the high court challenging the lower court’s verdict. The man had filed a petition in the high court seeking a final settlement of the divorce case, which had been going on with his wife for 21 years. The petitioner’s husband’s lawyer told the high court that the man got married in 1999. In the year of marriage, his wife left her husband’s family and went to her father’s house. Despite repeated requests, his wife did not want to return from her father’s house to her husband’s house. After being alone for several years, he tried to persuade her many times but to no avail. Finally, in 2003, the petitioner’s husband filed a petition in the lower court seeking divorce from his wife.

It is learned that within a year of the case being filed, the lower court responded to the petition and granted the divorce petition. The man got married for the second time after the court verdict. The petitioner’s lawyer has claimed that he has two children at present. Meanwhile, challenging the lower court’s verdict, the man’s wife again appealed to the high court to reconsider the divorce verdict. After several years of litigation, the High Court finally overturned the lower court’s order in 2012. After that the case continued in the division bench of Karnataka High Court.

It is learned that the lawyer of the other party in the case claimed in court that the person responsible for the divorce. He told the court that the man had treated his wife inhumanely after marriage. He even used to torture his wife physically as well as mentally. The woman’s lawyer told the court that she had to spend a long time without eating in her husband’s family. That is why his wife was forced to leave her father-in-law’s house and go to her father’s house. The woman’s lawyer told the court that her husband did not release her. She said her husband kept threatening her by sending people to her father-in-law’s house. After lengthy question-and-answer session between the petitioner and the opposing counsel, a division bench of two judges of the Karnataka High Court, B Birpa and KS Hemlekha, fully agreed with the lower court’s divorce order. Besides, the petitioner has also directed the husband to pay Rs 30 lakh to the wife for maintenance within the next four months.

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