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#Kolkata: Winter means a lot of delicious foods (winter foods) ranging from crispy chips to hot spicy maggi or hot brownies with chocolate sauce. But even though it is good to eat, the body loses energy in these foods and the imbalance of the body is lost. In the language of Ayurveda, arthritis, bile and phlegm are caused. According to Ayurvedic medicine, from the beginning of winter, i.e. from autumn to the end of winter, that is, when the dew falls, more arthritis and phlegm balance problems are created. Cuff helps to lubricate the joint, immunity and keep the skin soft, if this phase is more in the body then muscle related problems, weight gain, roughness and even negative emotions can occur. Rheumatoid arthritis, on the other hand, can lead to digestive disorders and joint pain. That is why Ayurveda doctors say to keep food in the diet (Ayurveda Foods For Winter) which will keep the body warm in winter as well as keep this condition right.

What is the seasonal diet

The Seasonal Diet is a seasonal dietary guideline that keeps the body in good condition and keeps the body warm in winter (Ayurveda Foods For Winter). According to this rule, we should eat molasses, khichuri, ghee, golden milk, sesame, sugar cane products, soaked nuts such as almonds and walnuts, chicken soup, green vegetables with ghee and green tea made with basil, lemongrass and ginger. All of these foods have nutrients that are good for our winter. Let’s find out which foods are recommended in the seasonal diet according to Ayurveda!

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Molasses made from sugarcane warms the body from within (winter diet). At the same time protects the body from any pollution. It is a food that helps in boosting immunity by increasing the production of digestive enzymes in the body. Therefore, molasses should be included in the winter diet.

Khichuri with ghee

Khichuri has been on the diet of Indians for a long time and is well known for boosting the body’s resistance to disease (Ayurveda Foods For Winter). Therefore, in case of any illness, it is recommended to eat khichuri with ghee. As it is a mixture of vegetables with rice and pulses, it provides essential amino acids to the body and it is also a protein rich food.


Sesame is a food full of fat. Sesame contains copper, iron, zinc and various vitamins (winter diet) 6 Sesame seeds help fight the flu in winter by boosting immunity. And that’s why most winter desserts are made with sesame seeds, such as sesame laddu and sesame chickpeas.

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Greens with ghee

Extreme caution is required to avoid seasonal cold and flu in winter. So at this time green vegetables like spinach, mustard, fenugreek, bethu ghee should be eaten as they help to keep the body warm and boost immunity.

Golden Milk

Golden Milk or yellow milk is a very good food to keep warm in winter. This milk is recommended to be taken before going to bed at night to relieve joint pain, indigestion, winter sinuses and even seasonal colds and coughs (winter foods).

Chicken soup

In the cold of winter, a bowl of chicken soup is the best food to keep the body warm Adding different types of spices to it increases the taste and nutritional value of the soup.

Herbal Green Tea

Who doesn’t love to drink hot drinks in winter! But if that drink is a herbal tea made with basil (winter foods), ginger and lemongrass, it will not only relieve the cold, but also boost immunity. This hot drink can be taken twice a day.



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