King Khan is back: Shah Rukh Khan returns to the shooting of ‘Pathan’


#Mumbai: He was last seen in the movie ‘Zero’ in 2016! The film fell head over heels at the box office! It was heard that King Khan could not accept the collapse of ‘Zero’! Or suffering from mental depression! Then a long hibernation! The king of Bollywoodtown was not taking pictures anymore! Research was going on with various screenplays! Finally I remember the screenplay of ‘Pathan’. Shooting begins (King Khan is back)! But the rhythm again! Shah Rukh’s son Aryan was arrested in a banned drug case! He was in jail custody for a long time! At that time, Shah Rukh stopped the work of ‘Pathan’. Aryan finally got out of jail on bail! The king’s life is back in rhythm! After overcoming all obstacles, he returned to the shooting of ‘Pathan’. Shah Rukh Khan (King Khan is back) can be seen on the streets of Mumbai! The attitude of the king in the black T-shirt is different!

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At the moment, Bollywood and Shah Rukh fans are on the lookout for ‘Pathan’. ‘Send’ full of surprises! After a long feud, once again Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are one! The two stars will be seen in an action movie from the movie Pathan, where they will fight the Russian mafia, while Salmon will be there as ‘Tiger’. It will also be seen that ‘Tiger’ Salman will come to save his friend Shah Rukh Khan from the hands of Russian song mafia. Aditya Chopra and director Sidhdarth Anand have shot a special scene with Salman where Vizion will be hanging in the air in a helicopter, followed by Tiger’s theme music. This is a grand entry scene, which will last for 20 minutes and Vizion will also defeat the villains along with the trapped Shah Rukh.

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In addition to the reunion of Shah Rukh and Salman, there are many other highlights of the Pathan movie, such as shooting at the very top of Burj Khalifa with Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

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