Knife Tips Follow these easy ways to sharpen your kitchen knife or chaku in hindi – Is there any rust on the knife kept in the kitchen? Follow these easy ways to increase your edge


Follow these easy ways to increase the sharpness of a knife - India TV Hindi
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Follow these easy ways to increase the sharpness of the knife

Knives are most commonly used in the kitchen. If its edge is reduced then it becomes very difficult to work. That is why it is important that the knives used in the kitchen should have good sharpness. So that whatever you want to cut, it can be cut easily. Using a knife without a sharp edge is as difficult as it is dangerous. If you also want to sharpen the edge of a knife sitting at home, then these methods can prove to be effective for you. Let’s know.

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solid stone

If the sharpness of the knife is reduced, then rub it sharply on a solid stone. If you want, you can increase the sharpness of the knife by rubbing it on granite, marble or any ordinary stone. While doing this, keep in mind that the stone should neither be too smooth nor too rough. Apart from this, you can increase the edge by rubbing the knife on the ground as well. After sharpening the knife, put it in hot water and clean it.

ceramic cup

Usually ceramic cups are in everyone’s homes. The ceramic cup may look very smooth when viewed from the top, but its reverse side is a bit rough and solid. You can also increase the sharpness of the ceramic cup by turning it upside down and rubbing the knife against the rough side. Take care not to put too much pressure on the cup. Doing so can even break it, which can injure you.

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iron rod

If you have an old iron rod kept in your house, you can use it to sharpen the knife edge. For this, first leave the iron rod to heat up in the sun for some time. After that, you can increase the edge by rubbing on it. But you must be careful while doing this, because while rubbing the knife on the iron, there may be a slight spark.

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