Laughter rolls around seeing Urfi at the party


#Mumbai: Urfi Javed. The Bollywood actress has been going viral on social media for several days now. Urfi has acted on the small screen. Went to Big Boss too. But he did not get popularity at that time. Instead, Urfi chose another way to get popularity. If you want to survive in Bollywood, and stay in the news regularly, you also need to try wisely. Urfi has these two.

As soon as Kareena Kapoor Khan gets a glimpse, the paparazzi rush to capture the special moment on camera. But that is not to be the case with Urfi Javed. First of all, many do not know him. But Urfi has changed the whole picture with his own skill. Urfi used to take photos in short dresses on the roadside. Keep making videos. Many people fall asleep after seeing Urfi’s clothes. No one knew Urfi. Now everyone knows her from Kareena thanks to this viral video.

Recently, a video was shared on social media again. So that again viral Urfi (Urfi Javed). The video shows the heroine going to a party. There are many with. Seeing him, the paparazzi came running. Urfi is wearing a dress that has been criticized again. He is wearing a pair of pants. With that open chest jacket. After watching this video, the criticism of the heroine started again. Many have written that Urfi does not know how to dress properly. So this kind of dress is worn later. Again, someone wrote why he does not have a good designer.

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Although Urfi Javed is not the girl who listens to all this. So he did not pay attention to anything. But how to survive in Bollywood. Urfi Javed knows that very well. So almost every day he does something like that. Which is viral at the moment. However, many are scared to see the fashion sense of this girl. Many have said that Urfi’s fashion sense is not good at all.

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