Lucknow Village: What a pity! People are scared to hear the name of the village! What is in that village?


# Lucknow: A village near Lucknow has become a hot topic on social media these days. The name of this village is Korauna. The name of this village is now in vogue due to its similarity with the name of Coronavirus.

The name of this village has been under discussion for the last two years due to this violence in Corona. The situation is such that there is such panic among the people about the name of this village that people are afraid to come to this village. Located just 90 km from Lucknow, this village was completely free from the harassment of Corona. Even though corona infestation was seen in the surrounding villages, no resident of the village was infected with corona. Despite this, people kept their distance from this village.

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Along with Corona, this Corona village has also become a source of humor to the people. Nearby villagers make fun of the locals. Residents say, “People make fun of us just by saying the name of our village. It is said that you are still alive! Many people ask how long the coronavirus will last. Many villagers think that coronavirus was born in this village!”

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Apart from discussing the name of the village, several people have also come to see the village after the lockdown was lifted. Now tourists have started visiting Korauna village regularly. Thanks to social media, many videographers are coming here to post pictures or videos.

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According to the villagers, a large number of people are now attacking here and posting pictures of different places in the village on social media. Even many well-known faces in the media have already reached the village, made videos and posted their videos on social media after talking to the locals.



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