Maharashtra Girl caught in the trap of taking loan of Rs 1 lakh lost 14 lakhs know what is the matter


Thane. Fraudsters arrested a girl who went to take a loan of Rs 1 lakh in Thane, Maharashtra. fraud By giving and taking more than Rs 14 lakh from him. Police said that this 22-year-old girl has lodged a complaint and investigation is being done on it. The police officer said that the victim’s father, who was the business head of a company in Thane near Mumbai. When he retired, he had 18 lakh rupees in his account. From this account, the girl had spent Rs 1 lakh for her personal reasons. She wanted to deposit it in the account again. That’s why she was trying to take a loan.

police complaint It states that on July 24, the young woman received a call from a person, introducing herself as a representative of a private finance company. This representative assured the girl that he will get this loan completed and the girl will get this amount soon, but for this, Rs 2600 will have to be paid as processing fee. On this the girl gave this amount to him.

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The police said that even after giving the amount and giving information etc., when the loan was not received, the girl finance company reached the office. So another person told her that the agent she was working with had got corona and now he would help her. This new man told that the loan process will have to be done again, so the fee will have to be paid again. On many such occasions, money was sought from the girl and the girl was told that she would get this amount back along with the loan.

Police said that due to these payments between July and September, the girl suffered a loss of Rs 14.47 lakh. When the girl realized that with her fraud Then he contacted the police. The police officer said that a case of cheating has been registered under the Indian Penal Code.

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