Malai Paan: 60 Taka Kg Malai Paan Over 200 Years Old


Lucknow: Today, thanks to social media, the method of cooking food in the country and abroad is in our hands. I just sat down with the phone. You can easily get acquainted with the dishes from different cooking recipes. No one stays away from this taste from baby to adult. In this age of internet, it is possible to know about the diversity and variety of food in the country and abroad. How much difference there is in food in any state, especially in the region. And a video of such food has recently gone viral. Which reached the people at the speed of the storm in a few hours. Many are surprised to see such food available in their own country (Lucknow Malai Paan).

Drink Malay, do you think you will not drink Malay? Malai made by not drinking Malay? But this Malai Paan is very unique (Special Malai Paan from Lucknow). Which is why the video of drinking Malay is viral today. It has been found in a place in Lucknow since 1805, but in 2022, thanks to social media, it is known to people in different parts of the country.

Malay drink is a type of dessert. There is no addition of drink leaves. Surely you are wondering, then why is drinking in the name of sweets? If you watch the viral video, you will understand that this Malay drink is being made by boiling milk in a pot and thickening it. Malay drink is not as easy as five sweets. It has a special method of making and it takes a lot of time to make.

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The video, shared from an account called oodfoodie_incarnate, shows that the main ingredient in this Malay drink is milk, which is boiled over a low heat for some time and then folded into a Malay-shaped drink. It is known that to make this Malay drink, it is boiled till the water is completely drawn from the milk. Later the Malai are left one by one and cut into folds. Almonds, pistachios, cashews, cardamom and candies are added to the Malay drink before serving. It is then folded into a drink and served.

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Malai betel is sold in the market at a price of 60 rupees per kg. This dessert is only available in Lucknow. If watching the video makes your tongue water, then you have to reach Ban-Wali alley of Lucknow Chawk Bazaar. There, this Malay drink is also called “Malai Ki Gilori” or “Balai Ki Gilori”.

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