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#Kolkata: The cold season has started in the whole country including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Mumbai. Can you think of eating ice cream in this severe winter? Surely not. But in Mumbai, a man came to an ice cream parlor with a plan to eat ice cream. After that, the shopkeeper got angry because the shopkeeper did not give him ice cream (Viral Video).

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It is learned that a man arrived in Mumbai late at night with his two children to eat ice cream. But when the man asked the shopkeeper for ice cream, he refused. When the shopkeeper refused to give the ice cream, the man got angry and smashed all the freezers kept outside the shop. The man broke the freezer and left with his two children. The whole incident was captured on a CCTV camera (Viral Video) installed outside the shop.

It is learned that the incident took place on December 19 at 2 am. This person came to the shop to buy ice cream at exactly 2.11. However, when the shopkeeper refused to give the person ice cream, he became angry. He came out of the shop in a rage and smashed the freezer with a stick. After the video of this incident went viral on social media, the police filed a self-motivated FIR. Police are searching for the accused on the basis of the footage.

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Nowadays, new videos are often viral on social media. You have to be shocked to see a video. Which is scary again. It is good to watch some videos. But netizens are very angry after watching this video. Many people have responded to them in the comment box. Netizens did not like the harassment that demanded to eat ice cream at night.

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