Man reports wife to police: 6 lakh rupees stolen from disabled old woman! Husband confronted the police after hearing his wife’s confession in his sleep


London: Speaking in his sleep, his wife confessed to stealing Hearing her anonymous confession, her husband approached the police This incident took place in England (United Kingdom) The name of the accused middle-aged woman is Ruth Ford 6 She is a care worker or nurse by profession

According to media reports, Ruth recently stole 6,200 pounds, or 6,29,008 Indian rupees, from an elderly woman in a wheelchair. Ruth 7 used to work as the nurse of that old woman

After stealing this huge sum of money, Ruth’s life changed drastically He recently spent a lot of money on vacation in Mexico Her husband Anthony’s suspicions about Ruth grew Eventually one day his doubts were dispelled strangely He told police that Ruth had confessed to her misdeeds in her sleep Anthony examined his wife’s wallet after hearing her confession in her sleepy voice. He claims that he saw the old woman’s debit card (UK man reports wife to police) there

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Anthony, a 61-year-old man, said: “I was skeptical of Ruth’s extravagance At first I thought it was just a tendency But later when I found the debit card in his wallet, I understood everything My heart was broken. “He added that although he loved his wife dearly, he could not avoid her misdeeds. He never imagined that his wife would steal the money of a person without any mobility and he would report it to the police. “

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Ruth has taken a break from work due to her epilepsy After listening to him in his sleep, Anthony found Ruth’s wallet lying on the floor Inside it was Wallet 8 The PIN number of the old woman’s account was with Ruth, said Anthony 7 After Ruth woke up, Anthony asked her everything Ruth confessed to the crime in the face of his question

Anthony and Ruth have become separated due to this incident Anthony told the police about his wife’s deeds

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